The partnership

NewTalents4Eu project is a demonstration action carried out in four European countries, led by a team of non-profit associations and social enterprises that aims to boost durable and sustainable employability of the refugees’ workforce.

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  • Simplon
  • Simplon.co is a social enterprise that offers free vocational training for programming and technical jobs in the digital sector – and, more specifically, web developer jobs – aimed at people distanced from the labour market and under-represented in the digital industry (NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), unemployed workers, people with little or no formal qualifications, refugees, senior workers, women, etc.).


    Simplon.co started in the Parisian suburbs in 2013, the programme is currently being deployed on a national level with 69 centres around France and abroad. Today it it also expanding its global reach in Africa, French West Indies, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 2016, Simplon.co launched the Refugeeks programme in France, integrating refugees into mixed classes (French nationals and refugees). 70 refugees have been trained.

    In 5 years, Simplon.co has trained 4000+ people with a success rate (employment, entrepreneurship, return to school) of 80% and now trains 1000 people per year throughout its international network of 69 social coding bootcamps.


    Recognized by the French Government as an exemplary initiative (French Tech, “La France s’engage” and “Grande École du Numérique labels), Simplon has won renown innovation awards such as the Samsung “Launching People” or the LinkedIn “US innovation Grant” and is part of Ashoka Fellow and EPIC Portfolio.

  • Diesis
  • DIESIS is one of the widest EU networks specialised in supporting social economy, social enterprise development and social innovation in Europe through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consultancy and advisory services, technical assistance and research.

    DIESIS operates as part of the social economy, associating general interest, economic performance and democratic governance. As a social economy enterprise our main purpose is to serve our members rather than maximise profits. One of our focus is “Equality and rights” which goal is to promote gender based equality and human rights.

    Our projects are mostly transnational, addressing sustainable development goals and maximising social impact as much as possible. We cover more than 14 EU countries through major national federations and national support networks.

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  • Code Your Future
  • Code Your Future is a coding school for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups. Through an 8-month program, we teach our students the skills they need to become an entry-level developer. We combine in-class training led by experienced developers, alongside remote-learning assignments to provide the most comprehensive program possible. Soft-skills training and industry insights are woven into the program. Upon graduation refugees are supported in their job search, giving them the greatest possible chance of entering and succeeding in the tech field.

    CYF is made possible by the efforts of dedicated volunteers who provide training, job support and organisational assistance, and corporate and public donors who provide the space and equipment students need to learn. This approach allows us to engage the entire community – from students and volunteers, to other NGOs and corporate partners. It also allows us to keep costs to a minimum while delivering expert-led holistic training.

  • Co & So
  • Co&So is a consortium  active at Regional and National level ,located in Florence and includes 40 cooperatives working in the social, educational and migration field. Co&So has 35 employees who provide services to the associated, the main services are: administration, monitoring the calls and as a consequence to submit calls most on public procurement, offering European opportunities in order to promote innovation in the cooperatives in terms of improving employees’ competences and services, quality certification, communication. All together the staff working in the associated cooperatives is  over 4000 professionals. Co&so provides innovation to the associated thanks to the European Program.

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  • Mighelp
  • MIGHelp Association is a grassroots migrant-led NGO in Hungary with a mission to engage with and support foreigners and locals, all of them legal residents of Hungary, through a solution-oriented approach of promoting employability and community integration. Maintaining close ties with its participants and the beneficiaries of its programmes, the organisation trains and equips people with the necessary skills so that they can become positive contributors in the society.

    The activities of MIGHelp are shaped by the requests of its students, and they respond to the demands of the labour market to the greatest extent possible. The most popular programmes of the association include IT and foreign language workshops for adults and kids, vocational trainings, community building cultural and handcraft sessions.